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Exhaust gas removal

Systems for removing exhaust gases from cars in garages on duty in conditions of high combat readiness - ambulance, fire-fighting equipment, vehicles of the rapid reaction forces. Such systems are necessarily equipped with means for automatically disconnecting the gas injector from the exhaust pipe when the car leaves the garage to call the emergency service. The use of such systems allows you to remove 100% of exhaust gases directly from the exhaust pipe, preventing gases and soot from entering the room.

The need to introduce exhaust gas removal systems is obvious, since it is well known how dangerous it is to be in a room with a car, the engine of which is on, since even a short stay in a gas-polluted room can lead to death. Even if such a room is equipped with a ventilation system, this is often not enough and you have to open windows and doors for additional ventilation, which is unacceptable in the cold season. A conventional ventilation system cannot provide MPCs for harmful substances contained in exhaust gases in the human breathing zone, which means that employees of car enterprises and car service centers are constantly exposed to carbon monoxide CO, nitrogen oxides N0, N02, sulfur dioxide S02, hydrocarbons, lead, cadmium, etc. .d ... As a result of exposure to such pollutants, a disorder of the nervous and cardiovascular system is caused, dizziness, vomiting, shortness of breath appear, over time, bone tissue destruction and visual impairment occur, and diseases such as atherosclerosis, chronic gastritis, bronchitis are acquired , laryngitis, lung cancer. Prevent occupational diseases and protect the health of those employed in the maintenance of vehicles. Protect expensive equipment and the interior of the premises from gas soot and chemicals. Increase labor productivity. Reduce the cost of maintenance of ventilation systems. Reduce costs by reducing the capacity of ventilation systems and heating costs for large volumes of air. Reduce the cost of sick leave payments. Ensure compliance with standards and legal requirements. Provide comfortable working conditions at your enterprise and make them attractive for qualified personnel.